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Hey?! This is Work!

Seriously — it is kind of fun. Work on Book One – Starshot: A Rockstar’s Story, continues. Still waiting to see cover art (in the next few weeks) and I am in final typo hunt — Hats off to Cathy for all her hard work in that department. So, I think looking at a April/May launch for Starshot is in the works. The initial launch will be Nook then I hope to follow quite quickly with Kindle. Of course each medium requires its own format so I have to convert one to the other. Of course, the best part of E-book publishing is there is usually an electronic fix…

The method of proofing we are using is most likely not unique but is does make it very manageable. I print out the finished — I think they are — pages, punch holes in each and put them in a binder. Cathy when she can, grabs said binder and reads with pencil in hand. She looks for mistakes, punctuation, spelling, even continuity; she edits with the pencil and/or makes suggestions in the margins. I work page by page incorporating each suggestion after double checking disputed punctuation etc in resource books or on-line pages. Once a page is finished the completed one is pulled from the binder and discarded. As of today all the Book One pages are in the notebook, minus about 15 that have already been finished.

Selling Starshot

Looking at the three books that will comprise the story of David Joseph Glossack, AKA Deejay Gloss, shows a great natural separation. Book one traces the beginnings of this Rock and Roll legend and is relatively short. This will allow readers to spend, most likely no more than a dollar or so to read the entire first book. The second and third books, much meatier sections will cost a bit more but allowing you to read each section allows you to make up your mind as you go along. I want readers to feel they want to continue so their initial investment will be very small. I am here to tell stories, not just make money…. However, if you wish you are, of course, free to send me money – as much and however often you wish. In the mean time I will be working on new glimpses into rickbudashead.

For those who wish — you are more than welcome to like my Facebook page Rick Buda – Author please do so. I plan to continue blogging here but move more of the Starshot news and information there as well.

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OK – It Has Bitten Me

Got the writing bug back. Back many, many years ago I had it all planned. Write the Great American Novel. I enjoyed writing, in fact, I started a publishing company (Bolt Publications) and began as Editor In Chief of  The Nuts & Bolts of Gaming (NABOG)., a bi-monthly fanzine that followed the Play By Mail gaming industry (this was before we all had our own computers) and growing Play on Computer games. I enjoyed it, loved the writing, after a while hated the work of running the whole show. I had some talented volunteer staff and lasted three years.

Prior to that I had an idea for a novel. At the time I was laid off work and had lots of time. I had no idea how to put my story into words and on paper. I had an old electric typewriter and a cheap ream of paper, and a dream. I wrote by hand, transferring that (editing as I went) to typewritten pages. I set the story down as far as characters and basic storyline, but I actually wrote the last chapter, first! Soon the pages accumulated. I knew that I’d want to see this tome in print. I went to the Yellow pages and looked up Literary Agents. I sent postcards as an inquiry. After a month or more I got one response from an agency in Florida (I can not remember who it was – but I am forever grateful). He asked me to send the first 50 pages. I did and three months later he wrote back. Three pages of suggestions, ideas, encouragement mixed with well needed criticism. Soon I was working many hours a day on the project.

Life intervened, by the time I actually finished the story, you know; A Beginning and an End with a middle of 50-70,000 words, it was 1990. I decided I needed an agent. It took a year and the first one that took me held on for a year. No luck. He did suggest editing and gave me a list of people to contact. I did and a fine editor worked with me to superficially fix the manuscript (MS). I have to confess, he did a good job, but I tended to NOT take the knife to my babies. I’ve since learned “they are words, not babies.” Still the MS was shopped but not sold. Rejection was okay. I took it well, always saw the bright side. Not one told me my work was bad, many praised the story and my characters, still no one bought. After three agents, I began to blind send to small houses.

Then, one day I received a letter from a big New York Agency. The writer said they’d like to see my work (at least 100-150 pages) as they had heard of it from a person “in the business.” It sounded like something they would like to read. I bundled up 150 pages and sent them off. I knew 2 even 3 months might elapse before I heard anything. I was wrong, nearly 6 months went by. I got a typed letter from the agency saying that the agent I had been contacted by had… Wait for it….. DIED. They were closing shop as he was the Principal Partner and were not taking on new clients.

Soon I got another Agent who loved the story (and wanted to know how long I had been in the music business [the subject of the novel]). He read the whole MS. He commented, he liked it. He tried to sell it both as a book and as a potential screen play. No luck. He sent a long letter after I had played the “woe is me” card. He told me that, perhaps, the 480 page MS was just too big, too much for a first timer (he confessed it was the most often heard reason for not contemplating the book). His suggestion was………………….. Write another, shorter work and find a publisher for that.

I had been banging another story, a Supernatural Suspense story. I work, in earnest, for over two years. I went directly to small houses and was published in 2001 by Twilight Times Books (http://twilighttimesbooks.com/). It was an eBook then it became a printed book in 2004. WolfPointe became my book to establish myself before I tried to get my first novel, Starshot; A Rock Stars’ Story. Well, I was not able to get out there and promote and market my novel like I should have. TTB still carries it and I have some remainders (I can sign them for you!). I told myself, before I’d do this again I wanted to dedicate much more time into the marketing. Until now.

I have decided to resurrect Starshot; A Rock Stars’ Story, and give it the real editing it needs and put it out there on my own. I know I may never be the Big Author the Next Movie guy; I just like to tell stories. So, soon, I will offer Starshot; A Rock Stars’ Story Part 1, as a nookbook. I have a deal to publish direct to Barnes & Noble via nook. I will be charging a VERY reasonable amount to download, and hopefully, if you like, pick up parts 2 & 3…

There you have it. Keep me honest — make me tell you how its going. I need a taskmaster (or mistress) to keep me going. I know once I begin in earnest, I will get this done. I am not out to get rich, I just want you to hear my story…….

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