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Hey?! This is Work!

Seriously — it is kind of fun. Work on Book One – Starshot: A Rockstar’s Story, continues. Still waiting to see cover art (in the next few weeks) and I am in final typo hunt — Hats off to Cathy for all her hard work in that department. So, I think looking at a April/May launch for Starshot is in the works. The initial launch will be Nook then I hope to follow quite quickly with Kindle. Of course each medium requires its own format so I have to convert one to the other. Of course, the best part of E-book publishing is there is usually an electronic fix…

The method of proofing we are using is most likely not unique but is does make it very manageable. I print out the finished — I think they are — pages, punch holes in each and put them in a binder. Cathy when she can, grabs said binder and reads with pencil in hand. She looks for mistakes, punctuation, spelling, even continuity; she edits with the pencil and/or makes suggestions in the margins. I work page by page incorporating each suggestion after double checking disputed punctuation etc in resource books or on-line pages. Once a page is finished the completed one is pulled from the binder and discarded. As of today all the Book One pages are in the notebook, minus about 15 that have already been finished.

Selling Starshot

Looking at the three books that will comprise the story of David Joseph Glossack, AKA Deejay Gloss, shows a great natural separation. Book one traces the beginnings of this Rock and Roll legend and is relatively short. This will allow readers to spend, most likely no more than a dollar or so to read the entire first book. The second and third books, much meatier sections will cost a bit more but allowing you to read each section allows you to make up your mind as you go along. I want readers to feel they want to continue so their initial investment will be very small. I am here to tell stories, not just make money…. However, if you wish you are, of course, free to send me money – as much and however often you wish. In the mean time I will be working on new glimpses into rickbudashead.

For those who wish — you are more than welcome to like my Facebook page Rick Buda – Author please do so. I plan to continue blogging here but move more of the Starshot news and information there as well.

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I Am Enjoying The Addiction – Starshot, The Revision!

So here I am — knee deep in revisions to a novel that WILL end up being 400-500 pages. That’s good. I’m happy. I am looking at just two more chapters for Part 1 (God I hate that. I want a Part 1 subtitle). Starshot has been sitting on the back burner for so long — I have actually forgotten some of the plot twists!

Still looking for cover art. Had a great Face-to-face with one artist. I like the way he thinks, but the art talks. I have heard from more that 1/2 dozen people who are interested — but no one has answered with “Yes, What exactly are you looking for?” I have the bare MS on display on my defunct Live Journal, so I will direct them, if thy want to read the novel there. While it’s getting revisions – The story remains eh same…

I have been using the edit features of Open Office. I like it except for the color of the red-lining. I’d like a darker shade. But if I’d work in better lighting like I should, it’s fine.

So — to those who are wondering…. The project moves forward……

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Looks Like it has Started.

Due to some real support and encouragement, the ongoing plan to publish Starshot is moving forward. Along with my planning and what I think is a great little plotting scheme that will make this novel something a little different I have to write out to a group of blogs who have made me look forward to the blank pages and clumps of unedited prose. Anyone reading this and even thinking about writing can get some great ideas and support from the likes of 4am Writer and Limebird. I also read New Author Publishing because it is fun, and SO real. There are most likely more that I am missing but I wanted the bloggers to know I enjoy their efforts.

Now my re-write plan that will help me conserve the time and setting of the novel I am going to publish as a Nookbook. Starshot is set from the 60’s into the 90’s.  What I consider the golden age of Rock music. The biggest reason is because that was the age I grew up in, listening and LOVING that sound. So here I was some 400+ pages of MS. If I let it go as just a novel, I felt it would read as dated with no real reason why. So I have decided to set it as a book written by a journalist for Rock Out!  magazine. He has decided to put together all of his past articles and file materials about the Rock Superstar DeeJay Gloss, whom he has followed from discovery to the end of his story. Dane DeForest, feels it is his duty to tell the story in a novelized story steeped in the truths and intrigue of Rock history. This now allows me to present the story and have a fictional narrators voice! I have to say it feels like fun. So today, I began my re-write of Starshot. I will, I’m sure, be here from time to time to: Rejoice at great headway. Bitch at huge writer’s Block. Moan at what I am doing to my psyche. Celebrate some small advance. Inform everyone of my new favorite drink…. Whatever.

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