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Is it still 2012?



Wow, I have been bad. Just caught up in sooooooooooo many things. Who ever thought retirement would be so busy? If I die young, I guarantee it will NOT be from boredom! Let’s see:
Starshot project….. I am still waiting for proofing on Book One. Don’t want to pressure the Editor. Have not heard a peep from the Artist for the cover. Need to email him.
Activities…… OK I am now involved with a re-boot of ChicagoLand Roadsters. Been to a few meetings, met some great people and am running the club website (
Spring hit so we went through cleaning and recovery from winter as well as planting, reinstalling a garden sprinkling system, deck repair and set-up and use of a new grill… Whew!
Vacation Planning….. Finally settled on our vacation plans. We will be driving down to Pigeon Forge TN, Gatlinburg, TN as well as Asheville, NC. We have reserved a nice cabin in Pigeon Forge, plan on visiting the local sights and activities there and in Gatlinburg. Plan on driving The Tail Of The Dragon as well. Then off to North Carolina to see Biltmore Mansion and Estate. My little yellow roadster is dying to get out on the road!!!
Remodel, repair, finish…… Since I re-did my workshop/Office it is now time to drywall, tape and paint the garage.
Grandkid activities….. An aborted Soccer season – my eldest grand daughter has a hip injury that ended her season early, sad to say. It was fun watching her play. My oldest grandson is playing baseball (I could watch that all day). Over the Spring I saw recitals, Graduations, a tour of a firehouse and many other things — I have 6 great grandkids and can barely keep up!!!
Weightloss…. Just begun — I want to drop 50 lbs. and get down to 210. I was water weighed years ago and was told that my ideal weight is 190, but I got near that once and never felt good. I figure 20 lbs over is better than 70! So I have begun 3.5 off so far (one full week).
Other writing…… The well is dry, please try again tomorrow

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