The Joys of Reformating

I have Starshot all divided in parts 1-3. Now I have to reformat the entire thing (Part 1 is done and the formatting was not too bad). So, I managed to get a good section of P2 done, forgot to safe and somewhere lost all the formatting. Yikes. No matter got it back.

At first I thought it would be a drag, but really it’s like polishing your car. It gives it that new look. I find myself stopping to read sections. I still think it is the best story I have ever written about. I find flaws – what writer doesn’t? I am sure there will be flaws when it gets published too. But, what art does not have flaws? That is what makes it real. What makes it art I guess.

Still I have to fight getting bogged down in these little details, and forget I need to refine, to polish the story once more. It has to be the best I can do. I hope it will be enough

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