Part 2 — Or How Dull!

OK I am getting into Part 2 of Starshot, a daunting 44,000+ chunk of writing, and still have no idea of what to call each part. 1 – 2 – 3? Just too dull. How about: Thermonuclear Fusion, Super Nova and Red Dwarf (or  Blue giant)… Hmmmm Looks no better on screen than it did in my head. Alright, let’s try Beginnings, Knee Deep in Hookers and Blow, Finale.

Anyone else have any ideas? I need a muse on this

Have to say I have finally gotten the use of Italics, Bold and Underlining straight (or at least I hope so). I have to admit when I was done — the text looked SO much better. additionally I had a bad case of comma-itis. Took a bit to get ride of about 3000 commas that were unneeded.

So, back to the MS… Later all


Have to admit — It is starting to read like it is brand new

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