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It Has Been A While, Sorry

February 10th was my last one??? Sorry. Work on Starshot has really eaten into my time. I have now signed on with both B&N and Amazon to e-publish Starshot. I am working on the REAL formatting on the nook version as I type. Well, not really since I can barely type one thing at a time, let alone two.

As usual the forums are the places to go to find real knowledge and the forums at PubIt set me straight on nook formatting and led me to a GREAT epub editor that is just wonderful. So I have the first part (now proudly named — Book One…) formatted and I downloaded it onto my nook and my wife’s color nook. Not bad!!!. Now I am being read by her for typos, punctuation, sentence structure etc — so I am just weeks away. Nothing new in the world for Cover Art. I have a local artist working on a cover, but am still willing to look at anyone’s work if they want to contact me. Just get in touch through here and we can talk.

Also eating up my time has been a construction project. I needed to expand my workshop in the basement a bit. I now have adequate storage, workspace and a nice separation of office and tool room. I find I tend to work very slowly now that I am retired. Two reasons, One; No deadlines. Two; Take the time to get it right.

I have been busy reading others blogs as well, not been commenting much but trying to keep up!


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The Joys of Reformating

I have Starshot all divided in parts 1-3. Now I have to reformat the entire thing (Part 1 is done and the formatting was not too bad). So, I managed to get a good section of P2 done, forgot to safe and somewhere lost all the formatting. Yikes. No matter got it back.

At first I thought it would be a drag, but really it’s like polishing your car. It gives it that new look. I find myself stopping to read sections. I still think it is the best story I have ever written about. I find flaws – what writer doesn’t? I am sure there will be flaws when it gets published too. But, what art does not have flaws? That is what makes it real. What makes it art I guess.

Still I have to fight getting bogged down in these little details, and forget I need to refine, to polish the story once more. It has to be the best I can do. I hope it will be enough

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Email has made me mad

So last week Yahoo tells me that they are moving all the email addresses from their S******L accounts to Yahoo servers. I’d keep the same address as before and everything would remain the same for me. OK I had no real choice so I followed the instructions and hit ENTER

All my emails history, contacts and folders ……. gone.

Another reason to come to gmail

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Moving Forward – Or Part Two (substitute really cool name — if you have one)

Part Two rewrite begins. Also working on a catch end hook for Part One; you know the “stay tuned for the next exciting chapter!” tag to get the reader to move on to the next part.

Speaking of parts. . . . Still Part One (Ho Hum…) Part Two (Oh what a great statement after the first part!!) and finally Part Three… Yeah Part 3. BORING! I like names! I hate just numbering Chapters and I am going to number whole parts? I don’t think so. I am still racking my brain to come up with named parts, that are great but do not foreshadow too much. So far I have come up with a few – but no real ring to it, if you know what I mean.

OK I have Music Star, so Music based? Star based? I have the whole complex novel that breaks easily into three main parts Beginning, Conflict and Resolution (Oh god that would be horrid…)

Stars – Thermonuclear Fusion, Super Nova & Blue giant (or alternatingly Red Dwarf) – Alright I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

Music? …   ……   No clue.

Any of you readers PLEASE feel free to make suggestions. I am open to ideas.

Backto the grind…

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Part 2 — Or How Dull!

OK I am getting into Part 2 of Starshot, a daunting 44,000+ chunk of writing, and still have no idea of what to call each part. 1 – 2 – 3? Just too dull. How about: Thermonuclear Fusion, Super Nova and Red Dwarf (or  Blue giant)… Hmmmm Looks no better on screen than it did in my head. Alright, let’s try Beginnings, Knee Deep in Hookers and Blow, Finale.

Anyone else have any ideas? I need a muse on this

Have to say I have finally gotten the use of Italics, Bold and Underlining straight (or at least I hope so). I have to admit when I was done — the text looked SO much better. additionally I had a bad case of comma-itis. Took a bit to get ride of about 3000 commas that were unneeded.

So, back to the MS… Later all


Have to admit — It is starting to read like it is brand new

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I Feel This Is Working

I usually know when I feel good about a project. I get happy. I also get a bit obsessive, but I can live with that. This is where I am at now. I told myself I’d take time with Starshot, but I put in extra hours and have finished the first through re-write. After a new start and a thorough continuity edit I am very happy with the progress. Now my wife gets a read through — a typo-hunt.

I have an artist working on some preliminary sketches for cover art. I had about a dozen people respond to my plea — but only one has followed u (so far). Still open — I’d love to hear from you!!

In other news I have a Facebook page (just search Rick Buda – Author) so I can hopefully spread the work about Starshot to my friends and the public there — Oh and also a page on G+ (Search Rick Buda – Author)


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