OK – It Has Bitten Me

Got the writing bug back. Back many, many years ago I had it all planned. Write the Great American Novel. I enjoyed writing, in fact, I started a publishing company (Bolt Publications) and began as Editor In Chief of  The Nuts & Bolts of Gaming (NABOG)., a bi-monthly fanzine that followed the Play By Mail gaming industry (this was before we all had our own computers) and growing Play on Computer games. I enjoyed it, loved the writing, after a while hated the work of running the whole show. I had some talented volunteer staff and lasted three years.

Prior to that I had an idea for a novel. At the time I was laid off work and had lots of time. I had no idea how to put my story into words and on paper. I had an old electric typewriter and a cheap ream of paper, and a dream. I wrote by hand, transferring that (editing as I went) to typewritten pages. I set the story down as far as characters and basic storyline, but I actually wrote the last chapter, first! Soon the pages accumulated. I knew that I’d want to see this tome in print. I went to the Yellow pages and looked up Literary Agents. I sent postcards as an inquiry. After a month or more I got one response from an agency in Florida (I can not remember who it was – but I am forever grateful). He asked me to send the first 50 pages. I did and three months later he wrote back. Three pages of suggestions, ideas, encouragement mixed with well needed criticism. Soon I was working many hours a day on the project.

Life intervened, by the time I actually finished the story, you know; A Beginning and an End with a middle of 50-70,000 words, it was 1990. I decided I needed an agent. It took a year and the first one that took me held on for a year. No luck. He did suggest editing and gave me a list of people to contact. I did and a fine editor worked with me to superficially fix the manuscript (MS). I have to confess, he did a good job, but I tended to NOT take the knife to my babies. I’ve since learned “they are words, not babies.” Still the MS was shopped but not sold. Rejection was okay. I took it well, always saw the bright side. Not one told me my work was bad, many praised the story and my characters, still no one bought. After three agents, I began to blind send to small houses.

Then, one day I received a letter from a big New York Agency. The writer said they’d like to see my work (at least 100-150 pages) as they had heard of it from a person “in the business.” It sounded like something they would like to read. I bundled up 150 pages and sent them off. I knew 2 even 3 months might elapse before I heard anything. I was wrong, nearly 6 months went by. I got a typed letter from the agency saying that the agent I had been contacted by had… Wait for it….. DIED. They were closing shop as he was the Principal Partner and were not taking on new clients.

Soon I got another Agent who loved the story (and wanted to know how long I had been in the music business [the subject of the novel]). He read the whole MS. He commented, he liked it. He tried to sell it both as a book and as a potential screen play. No luck. He sent a long letter after I had played the “woe is me” card. He told me that, perhaps, the 480 page MS was just too big, too much for a first timer (he confessed it was the most often heard reason for not contemplating the book). His suggestion was………………….. Write another, shorter work and find a publisher for that.

I had been banging another story, a Supernatural Suspense story. I work, in earnest, for over two years. I went directly to small houses and was published in 2001 by Twilight Times Books (http://twilighttimesbooks.com/). It was an eBook then it became a printed book in 2004. WolfPointe became my book to establish myself before I tried to get my first novel, Starshot; A Rock Stars’ Story. Well, I was not able to get out there and promote and market my novel like I should have. TTB still carries it and I have some remainders (I can sign them for you!). I told myself, before I’d do this again I wanted to dedicate much more time into the marketing. Until now.

I have decided to resurrect Starshot; A Rock Stars’ Story, and give it the real editing it needs and put it out there on my own. I know I may never be the Big Author the Next Movie guy; I just like to tell stories. So, soon, I will offer Starshot; A Rock Stars’ Story Part 1, as a nookbook. I have a deal to publish direct to Barnes & Noble via nook. I will be charging a VERY reasonable amount to download, and hopefully, if you like, pick up parts 2 & 3…

There you have it. Keep me honest — make me tell you how its going. I need a taskmaster (or mistress) to keep me going. I know once I begin in earnest, I will get this done. I am not out to get rich, I just want you to hear my story…….

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2 thoughts on “OK – It Has Bitten Me

  1. mikeveselysr says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I would really like to read starshot. The MS (as you put it) was in my house for probably a year. With young children I was afraid of leaving it out and having something happen to it. The best part about it being a nook book is I can wait for you to buy it and borrow it!!!J/K

  2. Good on you. I’m so excited to hear that you decided to do th re-edit. I struggled for upwards of 22 years to finally put my thoughts out there. Where I get troubled is in marketing, since I will publish indie. I am a writer…not a marketer. Oye vay, do I really have to switch hats? I love reading new writers and hey! I own a Nook. keep us updated.

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