Weather Watching: A new view when you are retired

The Chicagoland area is gearing up for another “major” snowfall. In addition, the temperatures may drag down into the single digits. Hmmmm Bad news, oh, wait — I don’ t have to go out in it (much) because I am retired!

The work I had done for over 43 years was primarily outside work. I actually don’t mind cold (I often go out with no coat or jacket even into the teens), but prolonged work in it is not fun. Years ago I was looking at taking a job on the construction of the Alaskan Pipeline (yeah — the 1970’s) while laid off work locally. The money was good but what stopped me cold was teh requirement of having to work bare-handed (15 min at a time every 1/2 hour) in cold down to -40. By the way, did you know that one of the only readings that coincide between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures IS -40, so yeah that is cold. Minus 40? Seriously. That was the end of that.

So, now I can see the beauty of falling snow more readily. I can empathize with workers who make a living in it. I can enjoy a warm snug spot due to work done well starting long ago. I can still mutter, “Damn it looks cold!”

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One thought on “Weather Watching: A new view when you are retired

  1. Dawn Storey says:

    I totally get what you’re saying – not because I’m retired, but because I now work from home! It’s nice not to see the snow as a great big pain.

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