Oh Lord, More Mad Ramblings

Started out my day with a discussion about voting rights here in the USofA. Those on Facebook have read the shortaned version of this, perhaps.

Great reading here this morning. I had to stop and think. For me any restriction, test, requirement that somehow disenfranchises ANYONE from voting really restricts our freedoms and rights in this Republic. Beyond the basic registration, votes should be counted and the winner fairly awarded victory. Sometimes we (the voters) make mistakes. In general, the wisdom of the masses rules. Media can affect the information we gather, but most know we need to gather it — not just read what lays on top. I really don’t anyone who regularly votes has ever voted for the perfect candidate. Perhaps some have used the vote against someone rather than for someone. Many have held their nose. I bet some wish there was a do-over election. Regardless, we as a majority get who we vote for. Uninformed people, ignorant people, well educated, misinformed, overloaded, gullible, well-schooled, paid off, lied to, and good people just guessing, all vote. Rather than cloud the pull, restrict some one, or deny their rights: If you are a citizen, you get a vote.

As I look over results and comments of people and votes and reasoning, especially around voting times (which seems never-ending any more) I see more and more division. A deeper chasm between parties, and candidates. It also seems all candidates try to be all things to all voters. Read above, we have never voted for an ideal candidate; even if we thought so at the time. Depending on where you read and how many versions, the Conservative block of voters has a majority, if slight proportions, The Liberal faction is a minority and the Dependents a smaller cut yet. The reason is somewhat simple in my mind, and while I have believed this for some time, in the last decade or two it truly has shown itself. There used to be a Right, a swing towards Moderate-Conservatisim, Centrist, Moderate-Liberalism, and Left. Wider on either side was considered Anarchy and/or Totalitarianism. But there were DEGREES. I remember Clinton being called a Moderate Liberal Democrat. Think he’d be called that now?  HW Bush certainly was a more Moderate Conservative than his son, George W. . I find it amusing amid the charges of Socialist and outright Communist leanings of Barack Obama that he is considered a Centrist in his views. With little effort though this fact is borne out. So the problem that has arisen is not a choice of who will steer the Ship of State, through the wide channel of Democracy, guiding it between sandbars and past wrecks, through reefs of danger and threat toward a Shining Future. Governing this country is now being offered to whomever can skim the right edge of this channel, ignoring the rocks that lay so close to that edge, the threats to lives, finances and freedom, or to those who might veer so far left that the same threats loom for those citizen passengers as well. Has anyone even tried to sail up the middle? Yet the current pilot is viewed by nearly every disinterested expert as the one that really wants to steer the Ship of State in the middle.

The Right has a numerical majority because they (for what ever reason they say/choose) have been able to lock their block in with a belief system that works for few, but is backed by many. They tend to vote for who they like – or not at all.

The Left is in the minority because Progressiveness or Liberalism can not be defined. The definition can not be nailed down. It would be like hanging Jello as wallpaper. The views and levels are so fractured that even those who identify themselves such can not agree. When they find a rally-point they tend to back the choice, and the Independents tend to flow their way.  Liberals, tend to either back their candidate enthusiastically, or not vote.

The Independents tend to vote. If they split — elections are close. If they flow either direction in great numbers the vote count is swung.

I think less people identify themselves as Independent so that swing is less. We cheer, yell, back the right or the left, but elect pretty much – In The Middle.

That’s my mad ramble……

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