I Know its Been a Week, ’cause I’m doing Laundry again

So, while I officially still have one day to show up at work again (Thursday Jan, 12) I pretty much have retired from my work of over 44 years. Still, there is so much living to do. Still there is so much day-to-day life to do. Which brings me to today. It is laundry day once again. I figured if I have time off, I should at least try to use some of it to take a portion of the load off my dear spouse. I figured laundry being more  time sap rather than an exercise in mental acuity, would be a good thing to do. My first attempt (last week) showed that I could handle it. Clothes were clean. I managed to fold them — but I am unaware of where my wife’s clothes go! Towels turned out to be a mystery. Clean, folded, they did not fit into the shelves where we store them! Clearly this project has an apprenticeship I am unaware of.  So round two begins to day (whites are started and  am sipping tea and typing.). I’ll get round to letting you know how it goes

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2 thoughts on “I Know its Been a Week, ’cause I’m doing Laundry again

  1. beteljooz says:

    Wait! You fold and *put away* the laundry you’ve just finished?!? Aha! That’s where I’ve been going wrong.

  2. LOL Yes…. I am slowly learning. Also, finding tasks that fit in the washer/dryer cycles… I admit some of them consist of playing games on the computer — but hey I am still “working” too.

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