Seriously… 2012??

I remember way back in the Twentieth Century, laying in bed, up because I was young…. excited about every day, that I’d be alive at the turn of the Century. Well, I was right (at the time there was no doubt). But 11 years after, no jet packs, where are the flying cars we all were supposed to have? Ah, well… it has been fun and continues to be so. But I have changed and re-changed and even in somethings – changed again.

They say as we get older the more conservative we get. That is true, but it’s not — yet — yes, yes it is.I was a bit of a political radical when young — and went from a pretty conservative viewpoint to a VERY liberal. Then as a worker, parent and citizen, I think I went right-leaning once more; still to the left of many of my friends a co-workers, but still right-ish for me. Now though… I am  complex political animal. I tend to be conservative at the local level, where I feel I have the most control. At county, state a federal I lean more and more left as I was to see more control over what my single vote can easily affect. The guards are thicker at the federal level, the checks and balances work. Less so as one gets closer to home. But things have happened to the stance of the paties. The Left – Democrats are Centrist at their most liberal lean, and the conservatives have de-evolved into a quasi-theocracy.

On thing I have noticed in my 61 plus years of observation is often, in fact, most often the harder thing to do (name the issue) the is most often the “right” thing. A quick, knee jerk instant answer is easy, but not, in the light of day, the right thing. Conservatism, at its root, is the easy way, being liberal and trying to improve the good is the hard way, often so hard it may be impossible. As columnist Mike Royko once wrote, “Being a Conservative is easy as it simpler to give a guy the finger rather than a hand.”

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