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Excuse me while I slip into some Christmas Spirit…

As usual, Ebenezer Rick has trouble getting “all jolly” for Christmas (or the Holidays, if you prefer). I’m very lucky, Mrs Claus manages to do 99.999999979% of the shopping. She has enough Spirit to liven a half-dozen Scrooges. My family (believe me they have enough woes and stress to overload a small city) is full of Spirit, but not Grandpa (that would be me). So the inexorable journey toward the Holiday season continues… It took a full house of family (Liquid Friday for those of you who know me, a great story if you don’t — Don’t be afraid to ask… ) and a morning spent preparing for the wife’s family gathering for the Holidays. Oh and then My Brother and sister, complete with respective spouses, gather tomorrow for the Buda gathering. During this time, my mood did change and I did get a bit jollier, certainly happier. Seems like the transformation is nearly complete. Happy Holidays all and to all a great New Year.

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See, I warned you

Truly mad ramblings. Here it is nearly a week later and I have little to say. Looks like it’s gonna include force! Still, I feel as if I am swallowed up in a whirlwind, so many changes in my life and in those around me. Still I look at it as a new life or not just a new chapter – but a whole new book of my life. The core is the same (because that is me) but what I do and why I do will be different. Boring stuff to read, I know, but one of the selfish reasons I want to do this (even by force – ha, ha) is to gather polish, apply it and rub my work to a gloss. For me it will be hard as the bronze is as corroded as the copper and when green they look the same.

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Another real reason

Tick tock time continues is never-ending movement. We don’t standstill yet often it seems we are moved along. One reason I talk about writing more is the simple fact that I’ll have more time. Retirement looms (in a nice way) and a new work week brings me closer to the goal. I think I have 12 work days left and this week will drop that number. It’s fun, it’s frightening – but it’s real

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Watching football. A lifetime fan of the Chicago Bears. I know — bear with me

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Oh man, am I in trouble

You’re reading about a writer who fails at blogging. Oh yeah I hear the whole’ “I keep a journal and write down everything I do.” Hey that’s Facebook for most people. I like to write but I really like to write stories. I was about 11 when I found out I was telling stories that were fiction — I wasn’t just lying to everyone. My stories got more involved then as I had been enabled. Being the Laziest Man on Earth I have been avoiding writing more. Things have changed. I have decided to lose the full time job as of this coming January. While I have been saving and working for years to do this – you can imagine the stress. Still it will give me more time to do the things I keep saying I want to do.

We’ll see, Stay tuned…

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